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Online Track

We are excited to offer an online track for California students who are not local to Orange County or would like added flexibility in their schedule.

Our goal is to make your online experience every bit as meaningful and impactful as our on campus classes. Online courses will still have a live participation requirement with your faculty (online), but will have more scheduling flexibility than an on campus class by moving some of the typical class time assignments to be completed online throughout the week.

We are committed to giving students the best educational experience possible. We are with you every step of the way; you are not on your own.

Scheduling Highlights

  • A three-unit course is offered for two hours, once a week, for eight weeks. (Practicum related classes are 16 weeks.)
  • Our classes are typically offered on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday from either 4:00-6:00 pm or 6:30-8:30 pm. (Schedules.)
  • An evening only track is available and allows students to graduate while taking only evening courses.

Face-to-Face Experiences

In addition to live, online course participation, students will have 3 on campus, face-to-face experiences:

  • Orientation Weekend.
  • Current Topics course taken over a weekend in the first summer semester.
  • Group Psychotherapy course taken over an extended weekend in the final spring semester.

Priority Registration

The on campus and online tracks are separate and students on each track are guaranteed priority registration in their format. Registration across formats or switching between on campus and online tracks is possible when space is available.

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