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Degree and Course Requirements

Degree Requirements

A summary of the degree requirements, for complete information please see our catalog.

  1. Successful completion of 60 semester units in Graduate Psychology.
  2. Successful completion of 225 clinical hours at approved practicum placements with a minimum of 150 face-to-face client contact hours.
  3. Advancement to Candidacy.
  4. Completion of Exit Project.
  5. Completion of 30 sessions of personal therapy.
  6. Successful completion within five years of all degree requirements.
LPCC Option
  1. Successful completion of an additional 5 semester units.
  2. Successful completion of a minimum of 280 face-to-face hours at approved practicum placements (practicum hours can be used to meet both degree/MFT and LPCC requirements.

Course Requirements

Degree Course Requirements

60 units

PSYG 601 Clinical Foundations I3
PSYG 603 Advanced Psychopathology3
PSYG 604 Ethical and Legal Issues3
PSYG 605 Family Psychotherapy3
PSYG 613 Research Methodology1
PSYG 614 Advanced Developmental Psychology3
PSYG 615 Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy3
PSYG 616 Psychodynamic Theory & Treatment3
PSYG 617 Cognitive-Behavioral Theory & Treatment3
PSYG 618 Current Psychotherapy Topics1
PSYG 626 Professional Skills in Clinical Practice3
PSYG 704 Addictive Behaviors3
PSYG 710 Psychotherapy and Diversity3
PSYG 711 Violence, Abuse and Trauma2
PSYG 712 Psychology, Theology and Spirituality3
PSYG 716 Couples Psychotherapy3
PSYG 717 Group Psychotherapy3
PSYG 720 Clinical Psychopharmacology2
PSYG 724 Psychosocial Stressors and Mental Health3
PSYG 725 Psychological Testing3
PSYG 726 Case Conceptualization3*
PSYG 765 Comprehensive Project3
* Course offered for 1.5 units, must be taken twice.

LPCC Option Course Requirements

5 units*

PSYG 660 Career Development3
PSYG 711 Violence, Abuse and Trauma+1
PSYG 720 Clinical Psychopharmacology+1
* In addition to degree course requirements.

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