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Enriching the workplace.

Scientifically Integrating Psychology and Organizational Life

The Master of Science in Organizational Psychology (MSOP) program is to prepare students for professional excellence, ethical leadership, and service to people and society through enhancing life in the workplace.


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Sample Student Courses

• Introduction to Psychology and Behavior in Organizations (3 units)

• Applied Research and Critical Analysis (3 units)

• Leadership and Character Development (3 units)

• Statistics for Organizational Decision-Making (3 units)

• Advanced Social Psychology (3 units)

• Managing Human Resources (3 units)

• Organizational Ethics and Justice (3 units)

• Performance Management and Employee Engagement (3 units)

• Psychology of Leadership and Motivation (3 units)

• Diversity and the Organization (3 units)

• Organizational Systems, Development and Change (3 units)

• Six Organizational Development Workshops (1 unit each)

Exit Project (3 units)

• Master’s Thesis -or-
• Applied Project

Specialization Options (2-4 units)

• Intercultural Relations -and/or-
• Training and Development in Organizations

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