This is Yokabet.


In Vanguard, your story matters.

This is Yokabet. She is about to graduate in a couple of weeks and this is her story...

Emotionally and spiritually, Yokabet came into Vanguard University broken. She was able to find community, where her surroundings and peers embraced not only higher education but also a higher calling.  

As her time comes to a close, she reflects back on a Chapel service. Where, the campus pastor was supposed to preach on prayer, but felt called to encourage the student body to pray for each other. Yokabet and the rest of the room were filled with the Holy Spirit as they leaned on prayer to the Lord.  

Vanguard University has been a safe space of healing and growth for students like Yokabet. Every student has a different story and Yokabet's story comes into fruition with a Christ-centered community that supported her and each other when working together to open new opportunities.