This is William Prevette.

This is William Prevette

William, better known as Bill, Prevette is an adjunct professor in graduate theology. He grew up with his brother in a children's home that shaped his attitude towards life and work. Bill did his undergraduate studies in chemistry and political science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  

"In 1977, I was an angry young man who was very ambitious and wanted to make money. After university, I decided to ‘chase the dragon’ and moved down to the West Indies. I built an off-shore racing sailboat and got involved in gambling and racketeering. If I stayed in that life, I know I would have ended up with a bullet in my brain as I was spending most of my time with some very unsavory people."

Bill remembers hearing Christian theology growing up at the Children’s Home but did not come to faith until he was 28 years old. He came to faith when he went to church with his wife, Ky. At the time, he thought that the church was a cult. He ended up having a life changing encounter with God and then surrounded himself with other believers.

In 1983, Bill and Ky moved to Pasadena, Los Angeles, Bill received his MA in International Studies from Fuller Seminary. During that time he traveled to Thailand where he worked with children in slums in the inner city of Bangkok. He and his wife would eventually live in Thailand and Cambodia and later  Romania, doing missionary work. He received his PhD in Missiology from the University of Wales, while working with the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.

" Until this day, I still speak a bit of Thai and met some great people during my time in Thailand, Cambodia and Eastern Europe . I encourage college students to take the opportunity to serve in different countries because it takes you out of your comfort zone and offers an incredible experience."

Today, Bill enjoys spending time with his wife and traveling when they get the opportunity. Bill continues his role as an international missionary with the Assemblies of God and serves as a visiting scholar with Vanguard University.