This is Siaumin Fung.

Siaumin Fung has been an Associate Professor of Biology at Vanguard for nine years. She was born in Malaysia and English is her second language. After moving to the U.S., she attended Washburn University in Kansas to study biology.

She met her husband, Jack, while pursuing her Ph.D. in molecular genetics from the University of Illinois-Chicago. They were married in Irvine where they still reside with their teenage daughter. She worked as a Post-Doctorate for five years and then became an adjunct professor at Azusa Pacific University. She learned about a position at Vanguard and fell in love with Lion culture.

"I love our students. I think we always say that and it's true. I like to see freshman grow into seniors, especially in biology knowledge, because they go speak at conferences and are then ready for the next step," Siaumin comments. "I think Vanguard students are very special because most of them come in loving God and loving people."

Siaumin encourages those who struggle with science to not count out biology. She remembers immigrating to the U.S. and failing her first college exam. She learned that recording professors’ lectures helped her understand what was taught in class. Education has always been important to her and continues to inspire her in lighting a path forward for future biology majors.

"Even though, I always encourage graduate school. There are many things you can do with a biology degree," Siaumin says. "I have students who go into writing for medical equipment, while others go into law for hospitals or do research for labs, so it's not always just limited to working in the medical field or becoming a doctor."

Siaumin enjoys spending time with her husband who she credits to be the best cook in their house. She also stays busy taking care of her teenage daughter who is getting ready to go to college.

Vanguard is excited to see what Siaumin will bring for current and future biology students. She hopes to continue supporting students especially those who want to go into research.