This is Roger Heuser.

This is Roger Heuser. 

His last name is pronounced, "Hoy-zer," and we had the opportunity to catch up with him early this week.

Growing up, Roger was resistant to what he felt like God was calling him to do as a vocation. Roger sits back comfortably in his office chair and reflects on his young adulthood saying, " In my hometown, if you had an ounce of spirituality than you were automatically destined to go into ministry," he continues saying, " I was resistant to that because it was not something that I wanted to do at the time."

Roger grew up in Wisconsin as a, "PK" popularly known as a Pastor's kid. Naturally, there was an underlying pressure to go into vocational ministry where he could follow in his father's footsteps in helping serve the Church. Although, Roger had other plans to in regards to his career. 

At the beginning of his collegiate career at Trinity College, now better known as Trinity International University in Illinois,  Roger decided to take a break from college after a year and a half to pursue a music career, which was very fitting for that time. 

In the late 1960s to early 1970s, televisions would broadcast the golden age of rock music as frontman guitarist and their bands influenced thousands of people at large festivals like Woodstock, in New York. Although Roger did not participate in the popular masses at the time, he was asked to join a musical group and tour the United States, that was sponsored by automobile manufacturer Chrysler Corporation. After catching wind of the music life, Roger later started his own sonically talented band called the Crimson Bridge where he would play the trombone for three years in the band. A collective, that he managed and describes as a jazz and rock culmination of sound who traveled around in his Dad's co-signed bread truck for high school assembly programs. The band's music is still available for download on YouTube.

Eventually, after realizing the music industry was not his calling for life. Roger went back to Trinity International University where he finished his degree and also fell in love with the integration of Christian faith and academics. This would be a milestone in his life that would shape his career and what his service to Christ would look like.

After receiving his undergraduate and seminary from Trinity, Roger continued to put his passion for theology to use and helped serve his father's church in Northern Chicago as a Director of Christian Education. Later, he would graduate from NYU with a Ph.D. in Philosophy Religious Studies with an emphasis in leadership. Coincidentally in 1983, Vanguard University was starting their Master's in Arts Church Leadership studies and brought Roger on as faculty.

Today, Roger continues to enjoy the collaborative process in teaching undergraduate and graduate students. When he is not in the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife and traveling around the world. His favorite meal is an acquired dish he learned from his time in Europe, a French beef bourguignon or stew slowly braised in red wine.

Vanguard University truly values Roger and his hard work in preparing the next generation of leaders in ministry.