This is Robert Reno.

Robert Reno is Professor of Music Theory and Composition. In addition to teaching at Vanguard, he is a composer, arranger, and church pianist.

He has performed and recorded music with several ensembles throughout the United States, including the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. He has been teaching music theory and composition, along with numerous other music courses since 1983, and has authored several texts, including “Materials of Music,” a two-year music theory text for colleges and universities. He graduated with a Doctor of Music from Indiana University, Bloomington.

“My parents bought my sister and I an accordion which was my introduction to music. My Dad was a semi-professional trumpet player who played jazz which we heard a lot around the house. I had never had formal training until I went to college, but played live shows in several rock bands, including Sparkle, in the Chicago rock-circuit. I did not learn music theory or receive a classical training until later. My first piano lesson was when I was 22.”

After Robert finished his bachelor’s degree, he landed a job as an associate instructor at Indiana University while attending his graduate program that would help pay his tuition. There, he discovered his passion for teaching. He has written some of the textbooks that Vanguard students use in-classes every semester.

“I encourage my students to pursue their passion which is a calling in your life. Music is important and teaching is a great way to support yourself in the arts. I came from a morally upright family but did not become a Christian until later in my life. I believe God has a calling for everybody and it’s important to pursue it.”

Today, Robert’s biggest passion is teaching and writing orchestral music. Vanguard is thankful for Robert’s passion for music and the experience that be brings every day to the classroom.