This is Renea Brathwaite.

This is Dr. Renea Brathwaite. Dean of Professional Studies at Vanguard University, Renea was born in Barbados and is the youngest of 10 siblings. Growing up, he enjoyed his education as his family moved around the small island – the Caribbean country is only 21 miles in length and 14 miles wide.

"We have beautiful beaches that attract a lot of tourists,” he shares, “But that does not mean everybody goes to work wearing shorts, we do have a more formal society."

Renea describes Barbadian culture as always looking beyond the ocean to learn about other countries’ policies and practices. He believes education is an equalizer that breaks boundaries in difficult socio-economic situations – studying Western thought, Eastern philosophy and history develops faith and trust in God.

"I think God can use anybody,” shares Renea.

Renea completed his undergraduate work in finance and purchased a home in Brooklyn, New York. Although accomplishing more than he thought he would, he felt unfulfilled and a call to seminary. He pursued a master's degree in theology and was ordained as an Assembly of God pastor, where he met his wife, Joy (He fell in love with the back-and-forth banter they had in class). They were married in New York and are going on 28 years of marriage with two kids.

Today, Renea has a PhD from Regent University and enjoys spending his free time traveling. “The Lord will use us as tools for His greater good – it's our responsibility to be sharp instruments and effective in everything we do. We are like an ax chopping at the wood of a tree, the sharper we are the deeper the cut."