This is Michael Jimenez.

Michael Jimenez is an Associate Professor of History at Vanguard University. He is a South Bay Los Angeles County resident who grew up in the faith attending Christian schools. His younger brother, Matthew, also pursued academics and currently teaching. Their Dad is from Costa Rica, who enjoyed reading theological philosopher work, Augustine of Hippo, his liking towards Augustine's work, influenced Michael's passion for stories, literature and history.

"History is so grounding because it is the human record or basis for theology and philosophy. There is this telling narrative about these beautiful acts of heroism but on the flip side there are also these stories of trial and error and also on the flip side like this horror and tragedy within every nation."

19th century Russian writer, Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment inspired Michael's interest in history. He remembers receiving a copy of the book from his friend, which was a story that he became enthralled with. Crime and Punishment focus primarily on human qualities such as mental anguish and moral dilemmas. After reading the novel, falling in love with the human aspect of history, Michael started reading the work of Swiss Calvinist Theologian, Karl Barth.

"I'm currently interested in the Latin American Church. Although he is not Latin, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, had a huge influence on me. I have always had a fascination with Calvinism and Lutheran faith during Nazi-occupied Europe."

Bonhoeffer was an anti-nazi dissident who was influential for his vocal opposition and resistance against Hitler's euthanasia and Jewish persecution. Jimenez remembers being influenced by Bon Hoeffer he was pursuing his PhD in Church History at Fuller University, Pasadena, California.

Michael hopes to visit Costa Rica in the future. When he is not reading about church history, theologians and philosophers. He enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. They enjoy watching anime shows on Netflix. If you see Michael on campus, please congratulate him on completing his first year of being full-time faculty at Vanguard.