This is Lia Hansen.

Lia Hansen is a Professor of Theatre History and a Costume-Make-up Designer at Vanguard University. In the seventh grade, she had a life-science teacher that influenced her passion for genetic research. She originally studied biochemistry during her undergraduate and then switched to interior and fashion design. During her sophomore year, she made her transition into theatre. She received her bachelor of fine arts from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and her Masters of Fine Arts from San Diego State University.

"I think costume work is a math-based field because you are taking something two-dimensional and applying it to a three-dimensional form. I have to take into account the lighting that changes the way costume or make-up will look with every step on stage. There is an element of using algorithms and applying it to design." Hansen's favorite part of costume design is the history that is stitched within every piece.

Hansen believes the design aspect of theater helps create the visual world for the play before actors have the opportunity to speak. She loves the comedic genre of theatre and her favorite play is Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, a play set in Victorian London that humors the escape of social obligations.

"I always wanted to teach, and theatre history is a class that you are required to take. I remember watching Louisa May Alcott's Jo's Boys and falling in love with the idea of teaching an all-boys school. In the 6th grade, I bought the teacher version of a math textbook and pretended to teach in my parent's basement."

Hansen is responsible for the wardrobe seen in Vanguard's rendition of Frankenstein, American Coast Theater Company productions, and most recently the Cordray Christmas Variety Hour. When she is not working, she enjoys participating in her book club that meets every month and crochets for her granddaughters.

Vanguard is grateful for Hansen's knowledge of theatre and her passion for teaching theatre history.