This is Julia Aggreh.

This is Julia Aggreh, Dean of Academic Records and Registrar at Vanguard University. Born and raised in Nigeria, Julia came to the United States after graduating from the University of Lagos, where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a Minor in Philosophy.

She remembers Nigeria as a community-centered country with an inviting culture. Her Dad played classical music around the home which inspired Julia’s passion. Early in her career, she dreamed of becoming an opera singer. “I love hymns – they carry so much,” Julia shares, “The lyrics are powerful and deeply rooted in the Word of God.”

After finishing her undergraduate studies, Julia pursued a master's degree at Illinois State University. She was surprised by the Midwest weather, blistering heat in the summer and snowy winters, compared to the consistent warmth in Nigeria. Julia settled in the US raising her twin children here as a single mother.

Upon graduating with her master’s degree, Julia moved to California where she started working as a registrar. “You will find most people don’t leave school wanting to be a registrar – I love it, she shares. “I love how organized the structure of the profession is and how we are constantly cleaning up the work of the past.”

After a few years in California, Julia moved back to the east coast and raised her kids in Philadelphia. With her children grown, she decided to move back to California to be closer to her brother and applied for the position at Vanguard.

Vanguard is thankful for Julia’s heart to serve in academics and the constant joy that she radiates while working with our faculty.