This is Joey Kim.

Joey Kim is an Associate Professor of Physical Science. He has been teaching at Vanguard for the past two years. His family immigrated to the United States from South Korea when he was five years old. His Dad moved his family in hopes of gaining a better education.

“Growing up, I got good grades but was not really into academics. I grew up playing hockey and loved athletics,” Joey remembers. “I’m still not really into science. I think it’s a good tool that helps build on the foundation of faith. Most scientists were theists although now it’s changing.”

Joey graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. He remembers his undergraduate time as a turning point when he grew passionate about teaching and growing deeper in his faith. Later, he completed his PhD from the California Institute of Technology.

While applying for work, Joey had a colleague who met Richard Park. His colleague informed Joey about their conversation and gave more information about the school. Soon after, Joey applied for an open position and was hired under Tara Sirvent.

“I teach at Vanguard and the Master's University in Santa Clarita,” said Joey. “But, I also just started seminary school. I’m passionate about learning and serving the Lord. I want to contribute in that capacity.”

When Joey is not working, He enjoys spending time with his family. His favorite bite to eat is pho or Korean soups. Vanguard is excited to see Joey’s journey as he continues to lead the way for our students in Physical Science.