This is Evangelia Osley.

This is Evangelia Osley, who graduates in a couple of days. She was a student leader for the Black Student Union who helps continue the conversation of diversity on campus.

Osley was born in Georgia and was raised under hard circumstances that encouraged her family to move out to California. As her story continues, she recalls her favorite memory as a student where she had the opportunity to manage the 2019 Junior-Senior Banquet. She was able to create her own version of the event and see it finished in full. Osley was able to learn real-world experience, accountability and learn more about teamwork as she contributed to Vanguard University's Student Leadership.

After graduation, Osley has been given the opportunity to work two part-time positions located in Orange County, in which one is offering her free housing. In a couple of years, she hopes to work in higher education and eventually buy a house for her family. She continues to stay connected with her on-campus family and is excited to start the next chapter in her life in growing her career.