This is Ed Westbrook.

Ed is a Professor Emeritus of Business at Vanguard University. Emeritus describes a status as an honorary retired chairperson, professor, pastor or bishop fitting for someone who spent half of his life at VU. In Ed's case, he spends most of his time off-campus but was a Professor of Business and Management at VU. He currently owns a law firm half an hour south of Costa Mesa in San Juan Capistrano where he also lives with his wife.  

Ed reflects on his upbringing, " I am a baby boomer so I grew up going to a bunch of different elementary and middle schools," he continues, " I went to Hoover Elementary, Anderson Elementary, Gilbert Elementary and so forth." In the eighth grade, Ed enjoyed playing basketball at school and told his Dad that he did not want to move around as much so he can remain on the same team throughout high school. His Dad told him that he could stay at the same school as long as he rode his bike to school, rain or shine. Ed continued to attend the same school.

After completing his primary and middle school, Ed attended Westminister High School. Post-graduation, he was involved in small businesses to earn pocket money working construction on a playground at a Christian school and offering daycare services with his sisters at that same Christian school during the holiday season. He also worked as a lifeguard at the community pool. His family eventually built their own pool and used it for community swim activities. 

Ed attended Golden West Community College in Huntington Beach, where he completed his prerequisite courses before transferring to Westmont College in Santa Barbara in 1970. Ed studied Biology during his undergraduate with an ambition to  get into medical school. "I chose Biology at the time because my uncle was a doctor," Ed continues, "Growing up, I saw that he was the only one who made a decent living at the time so it was just something I chose." Ed worked at Witchitaw Falls State Mental Hospital in Texas after being waitlisted for medical school where he realized he did not want to work in a hospital. He describes his time working in the mental hospital: "It was very difficult because there were a lot of dangerous people who needed help. It felt like Jack Nicholson's movie, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest." Ed is referring to the 1975 American comedy-drama directed by Milos Forman, the Czech-American film director. 

In 1977, Ed went to Southern California College, otherwise known as Vanguard University today, to receive a multiple subject teaching credential. During this time, Ed met his wife, Cindy, through their mutual friend Jay and his wife. Cindy, who is one day younger than Ed, originally declined Ed's request for a first date but later accepted after he helped her move out of her apartment. They had their first date horseback riding in Corona and dated for a year before getting engaged. Today, they have been married for 40 years. In 1982, Ed completed his Juris Doctorate degree from Western State College of Law.

Before working at Vanguard as a Professor, Ed did some consultation work as a business advisor for the University. He became an Adjunct Professor after agreeing to teach a business law class in 1985 and eventually taught more classes until he was teaching full-time. Ed has served at Vanguard for over 33 years. In his interview with the The Voice, Ed says: "When I came to Vanguard in 1993, my goal was to go on a study abroad trip every other year to teach business and watch students grow through that.This was the most rewarding part of my time being here at Vanguard." They went to China, Tibet, Italy, Greece, Greek Isles, Turkey and Ireland on their trip abroad. Today, Ed is still in touch with most of his students and believes teaching at a Christian institution was a calling that he loved. Ed is now currently retired from teaching and in his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife around the water watching canoe racing in Dana Point.   

In honor of Ed’s legacy, a portion of our new student center will be called Westbrook Cove, a space where students and faculty can gather in community. Westbrook cove will feature a fireplace, tables and an open space for fellowship. We are very thankful for Ed's Vanguard legacy. We invite you to join Ed at the Student Center grand opening on February 28. RSVP here or to find out more about our new Student Center, visit