This is Brittnei Schaeffler.

Brittnei Schaeffler is an assistant professor of environmental science at Vanguard. She completed her undergraduate at Chapman University with a bachelors of science in environmental science and policy with an English minor and her masters degree in conservation and management from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. Growing up in Orange County, Brittnei spent her free time going on runs with her Dad, which she describes as an unconscious inspiration for her journey in fitness and love for the environment.

Today, she could be seen trailblazing the way in her Why Should you Care Conservation project that helps fund conservation organizations through community bootcamps, educational documentary creation and outreach. An organization starting in 2015 that she continues to lead. When she is not teaching in the classroom, she stays busy professional speaking at friends of long beach animals which is a non-profit organization committed to saving animals’ live through spay/neuter programs.  

“It’s my personal experience that our own health and fitness have a direct correlation to how we view our relationship with the environment and God’s creation. I can’t help but feel connected to nature when I am out on a run which helps me to be both a better professor and a coach. When we take care of ourselves-we are much more likely to take care of our planet and other.”

Environment conservation has been a lifelong passion and endeavor for Miller. On her self-entitled YouTube channel, viewers can watch her participate in local beach clean ups to working with wildlife conservations.  

“Understanding how the public views and retains wildlife conservation is so important when trying to enact change. In South Africa, we were able to carry out valuable research with a cheetah outreach and it was a lot of fun.”

Schaeffler has been teaching full-time at Vanguard for the past two years teaching environmental science, environmental policy and physical science to undergraduates. We’re thankful for her passionate work in environmental science that she is able share with our students every day.