This is Andrew Stenhouse.

This is Andrew Stenhouse. 

His last name, Stenhouse, originates from the suburb of Edinburgh, Stenhouse Scottland, but now the surname is more popularly used in England.  

He is most frequently referred to as, "Andy," within the VU community. Andy is the son of Everett Stenhouse who was a Pastor and Missionary of an Assemblies of God Church. His Dad also served as the chairman of the board as the District Superintendent at Vanguard. So, Andy's roots run deep through the University's history. 

We had the opportunity to catch up with Andy earlier this week to see what he has been up to. His office is located off-campus on the second floor of the KWAVE building. He teaches in our graduate programs in organizational psychology and industrial-organizational psychology. 

When we walk into the room, we see Andy's office looking fit for an intellectual scholar with an extensive book collection neatly lined up on his walnut-colored wooden shelf and a small globe sitting by his desk. He puts his feet up introducing his story, "I was born in Bakersfield, California but grew up in Greece due to my father's profession as a missionary, at the time, so walking by the Acropolis in Athens was pretty common to me," he continues. "Although, later, we would come to Orange County for my Junior High School years and live in the Monticello Condominium complex." The Monticello housing community is adjacent to campus, located behind the soccer fields.     

After growing up in Orange County, Andy would attend VU as an undergraduate in 1980 - 1984 and receive a Bachelor's degree in cross-cultural studies then come back for a Master's degree in leadership studies and clinical psychology. When asking about his interest in psychology, Andy comments, " (Organizational) Psych. has always been interesting to me because we spend most of our hours and days at work," he continues, " studies have shown that those who have a healthy work-life tend to have a better home life as well." Education and Christian faith have always had a big part in Andy's life and he continues to enjoy being immersed in this (Vanguard) environment. In 1993 - 1999, Andy would complete his Ed.D in Institutional Management at Pepperdine University. After completing his education, Andrew would be hired as a Dean at Vanguard University in 2013 and later would become a Professor of Organizational Psychology in 2016.

When Andy is not working, he enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with his family. Andy and his wife, Karen, have been married for thirteen years and actually had their wedding ceremony in Needham Chapel. They currently reside in Newport Beach, about 15 minutes from campus.

This past April, Andy took a family cruise to the Bahamas with his three daughters, Taren, Kayla, Lindsey and their husbands or his sons-in-law. They took the Carnival Cruise Line which is an international cruise line that often has balcony accompanied rooms, heated pools, and restaurants on deck. Although cruise ships are known for their delicious food and luxurious traveling experience, Andy enjoys spending time reading in his room in the quietness of the open water. He cracks a demure smile saying, " I enjoy any wide open space," Andy continues, " Whenever I have the time, I like driving and seeing this country. Places like Wyoming that have a lot of open space." Recently, he had the opportunity to take another cruise line, Holland America, with his wife and visited the Mediterranean where they got to see different ruins of ancient civilizations.

Today, you can find Andy either teaching or enjoying a warm cup of black coffee at his desk. Vanguard is thankful for Andy and all that he has contributed to the University and the fantastic education he provides for our graduate students.