The Radical Promise of Truly Flexible Work

Is it possible for companies to protect employee autonomy, engagement, and well-being, as well as job flexibility while also ensuring efficiency and productivity through a period of economic uncertainty and slower growth? The author’s research into how organizations unlock the productivity of neurodivergent and disabled workers points to a way forward — one that allows leaders to accommodate the unique needs of every team member. Comprehensive flexibility supports stronger engagement and performance, not just on a case-by-case basis but at scale. True, sustainable flexibility is about more than just work location and hours. It encompasses which tasks people do and how they get them done. It’s about making work “fit” people, not the other way around. When organizations center the design of work on humans, values, and long-term success in this way, they become productive, resilient, inclusive, and equitable.

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Thumbnail Photo: Andrei Cojocaru