OCDE Newsrooom: VIDEO: OCDE, Vanguard host two-day conference on human trafficking

OCDE recently teamed up with Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women and Justice to present a two-day hybrid conference on human trafficking.

Hosted at the university’s Costa Mesa campus on March 4-5, the event billed as Ensure Justice 2022 shared strategies for protecting vulnerable populations from exploitation while underscoring the importance of building wellness, support and resilience among youth. 

“Part of our focus this year is to call our community to stand up and be more involved in caring for our children,” said Global Center for Women and Justice Director Dr. Sandra Morgan.

About 150 people attended in person, and another 100 watched online. This year’s theme was “How Are Our Children?”

OCDE’s Media Services team supported the conference and captured a few of its highlights in the video below.