Dr. Jeff Hittenberger Returns To Vanguard University as Professor of Education

Dear Vanguard Community,

I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Jeff Hittenberger will return to Vanguard University this fall as Professor of Education, teaching in the Graduate Education Program, with a focus on the Single Subject Teaching Credential.  Dr. Hittenberger, who served previously on the faculty at Vanguard and at Evangel University, and more recently as Vanguard’s Provost (2009-2013), is currently the Chief Academic Officer at the Orange County Department of Education.  For eight years at the DOE, he has overseen and facilitated teacher professional learning for more than 20,000 teachers in 27 school districts in Orange County in every subject area and has supervised major statewide educational initiatives.  For the last several semesters, he has also been teaching, to great effect, as an adjunct faculty member in VU’s graduate program in Organizational Psychology.

Jeff’s extensive experience in education includes teaching in K-12 schools; in the Santa Ana Unified School District he was a Mentor Teach teacher as well as a Master Teacher. “I love teaching and learning,” he says. “My passion for this calling was ignited when I was a missionary kid in Haiti. I saw the impact on my friends’ lives when they did not have educational opportunities and I determined to be part of the effort to expand educational opportunities to all.”

On returning to Vanguard, Jeff said: “One of the great privileges of my life has been to serve on faculty and in administrative roles at Vanguard for eleven years. I deeply appreciate and value the many colleagues with whom I have shared the mission.”

When you get the opportunity, please welcome Jeff Hittenberger back to Vanguard University.