Self-care: Every Parents Great Challenge

When my boys were two and four, their energy level was beyond a ten!  I was overworked, exhausted, and stressed out.  To make matters worse, I lacked self-care skills and suffered from an agonizing sense of defeat.

See if you can relate.  During those early years, I lived with the constant buzz of a growing “to-do” list looming in the background.  Things like sibling rivalry, meal planning, doctor visits, nap time, and bedtime battles were just a few of the things I faced each day… and they stressed me out! Read the full article "Self-care: Every Parents Great Challenge" on InTouch Parenting. 

Vanguard University Assistant Professor of Psychology, Steve Cuffari, writes about parental self-care in his online article in his Intouch Parenting website online. Cuffari remembers the difficulties of working full-time and struggling with managing his two young energetic sons at home. He stresses the importance of staying active, setting apart downtime for yourself, and eating healthy to help regulate intense emotion.

Cuffari, also an Ordained Minister, is currently leading the way as a founding therapist of InTouch Parenting which is a company that is devoted to helping busy parents raise children to thrive in this complex world.

For almost two decades, Cuffari has been teaching psychology courses that range from child and adolescence, adulthood and aging, to foundations of Christian Life.  He equips new and experienced parents with fresh ideas, new perspectives, and encourages renewed confidence in parenting. His organization currently offers member pricing for a special price of $27 for study material that coaches parents how to deal with strong-willed children, nagging and yelling. InTouch Parenting also offers a free hour and half audio on discipline secrets and a supplementary 40 page guide on how to tame tantrums and drama. 

In Steve's free time, he enjoys horse racing, surfing, mountain biking and watching Los Angeles based Laker's basketball. To learn more about his speaking engagements or for more information about becoming a member, click here

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