AG: Another Unexpected Ministry Stop

Vanguard University alumnus and trustee, Rich Guerra, has officially has officially joined the 21-member executive presbytery.  An executive presbytery is an elected staff member who is a pastor figure that assists with administrative duties and leads other pastors. Guerra became the first U.S. Hispanic AG leader elected to a superintendent's position in a non-Latin district. He graduated with a degree in church ministries. Guerra is passionate about making the western church more relevant and effective. 

"Today's young leaders are drawn to compassion. We want to inspire leaders by recruiting, training, and launching them in ministry," says Guerra. 

He attributes his influence in ministry to his grandfather who pastored a merging congregation with La Trinidad Church. There he learned about the Assemblies of God and AG missionaries.  

Vanguard stands proud of Guerra and his position as an executive presbyter. For more information, read the full story here