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Student Learning Outcomes

Vanguard is committed to ensuring that all students develop competency in the following areas:

Integration of Faith and Learning

Cultural Competency and Citizenship


Critical Thinking

Holistic Living

Information Competency

Descriptions of Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

SLO 1 – Integration of Faith and Learning: Students will develop and articulate a Biblical worldview informed by a Pentecostal perspective, integrating faith with learning.
SLO 2 – Cultural Competency and Citizenship: Students will understand and practice effective local, national and global citizenship and demonstrate appreciation of diverse psychological, social, historical and artistic aspects of culture.
SLO 3 – Communication: Students will demonstrate effective, college-level written and oral communication skills.
SLO 4 – Critical Thinking: Students will develop and apply qualitative and quantitative critical thinking skills.
SLO 5 – Holistic Living: Students will appreciate and demonstrate a holistic view of health and living.
SLO 6 – Information Competency: Students will demonstrate foundational technology skills that allow one to locate and evaluate the integrity of information, and to understand the ethical uses of information.

Vanguard University CORE Curriculum Rubrics, 2012-13

Vanguard University CORE Curriculum Map with WSCUC Competencies