Veterans Resource Center

VetsCenterWhether you are a Vanguard University Undergrad, School for Professional Studies, or Graduate Veterans student, the Veteran Resource Center is a great place to hangout, network, or do homework.

Before the newly renovated Scott Academic Center, the VRC was extremely small. Now, we have 12 computer workstations and more space to study and hangout. The center has two main rooms that include a soundproof study area and a lounge with coffee, couches, and a TV. You can have the best of both worlds: peace and quiet or laughter and conversation.

The VRC is a great place to get to know all our Veterans here on-campus. Brian Burlingame is our Veteran Coordinator and is a retired Master Gunnery Sergeant with 30yrs of service. It’s not every day do you get to have the opportunity to meet and learn from a prior Marine. He really does have so much wisdom that he shares with us!

We have such an amazing community of veterans who come from all different backgrounds and branches of service here at VU. For me, it is truly a blessing to be part of a community like this — When you are transitioning from the service to civilian life or transferring from another college, we really need each other. No one can go far on their own, so the VRC helps students connect with each other.

Definitely take the time to stop in the Veterans Center and introduce yourself. We would love to get to know you and hear your story. And if there is anything you need, we would love to help!

Semper Fidelis,
Jordyn Salter

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