Junior Senior Banquet

JSBOn Friday, April 22, Vanguard University Student Government Association hosted their annual Junior and Senior Banquet at the Long Beach Aquarium.

My wife continues to tell me that I spend more time at school than with her, so going to this event brought us together. I have to say it was a great reason to get out and spend some quality time with the love of my life. My wife said it reminded her of being at Prom, but this time she was able to be my date with me!

It was a great time for the both of us to get dressed up and enjoy some dinner and dancing. The menu included a buffet of – steak, chicken fettuccini, grilled chicken, and salad. Dessert was brownies, cookies and cupcakes. After we feasted on all that food, we danced the night away.

The DJ played a variety of music of rap, hip-hop, and salsa music. At midnight, the dance ended, and we were exhausted. I cannot wait for the next year’s JSB because I will definitely be there.

I recommend this to any VU college Junior and Senior to go to this event. You are only in college for a short time, and this is a memorable experience! Even if you a Veteran who commutes to campus, is married, and may be older than most undergraduate students, I assure you – You will fit right in.

Semper Fidelis,
Jordyn Salter

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