“Welcome Back!”


Dear Student Veterans,

I simply wanted to take a moment to welcome our new VU and returning student Veterans back to Vanguard University for the 2016-2017 academic year!

First of all, on behalf of faculty Veterans, staff Veterans, your peers and myself as the Veterans Coordinator, I would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU for your dedicated service to our country. We are extremely honored to have you here at Vanguard University! As you begin or continue to pursue your academic goals; I am committed to helping you accomplish this “new mission” in this season of your life.

         VetsCenterVanguard University has made a commitment since WWII of honoring not only the service of our Veterans, but ensuring that your academic success is our focus and that you can utilize your degree in the pursuit of your career dreams after completing your education. Vanguard University and the veteran’s center are here to support you with any and all campus services that you need assistance with.

         Our Veterans Center is 1100 sqft of dedicated space for our student veterans; to study, build friendships with veterans and non-veterans, work on group projects, print for free, check out text books, or maybe just get a snack and a cup of coffee! The best part is ALL student veterans have access to the center 24/7!!! We do have a Student Veterans Organization (SVO), which is part of the Student Veterans of America National Organization.

         If you are in need of some part-time work, we can help you locate some on the campus, or you can apply for the VA Work-study program and work right here in the Veterans Center. Salary is paid by the VA directly to you as a worker and is tax-fee. It’s a maximum of 25 hours per week, not to exceed 50 hours in two weeks. You have the potential to make about $1100 per month; you must be enrolled at least ¾ time. All student veterans who qualify can apply, regardless of whether graduate, PS, or TUG. Stop by and speak to my student workers.

         Every year we have numerous events that are sponsored by our SVO, we can always use volunteers, and you do not have to be a member of the SVO to attend or just help. These events consist or honoring Veterans at times, others are network opportunities with business leaders, churches, or organizations that are dedicated to wanting to help student veterans though services or employment opportunities.

         Last but not least I do publish a monthly veteran’s eNewsletter with information and events that pertain to veterans in the community and other times it’s to highlight events just happening at VU. Either way, I hope to take a couple minutes to subscribe to it, and it’s free. We also have a Veterans Webpage, and our own Facebook page.

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In closing, I want to wish each of you continued success here at VU and need you to know, I am here to support you and your family regardless of what you want or need. I have an open door policy, and I am always open to ideas, or suggestions on how I can better serve our student Veterans. I would encourage each of you to stop by the center, see what we offer, say hi, and just relax and enjoy your college experience!! I look forward to meeting all of you!

God Bless and Semper Fi!

Brian Burlingame
Veterans Coordinator
(714) 966-5447 |

Remembering the Past, Honoring the Present

Built into the fabric of our interactions is a culture that causes us to go beyond the normal definition of community, reaching out, and connecting with one other.  Today our Nation puts aside political differences, reaching across party lines to remember the nearly 3,000 lives lost on September 11, 2001.  In this spirit, the people of Vanguard University come together, remembering the past and honoring the present.

This evening the Veterans Club hosts a special Chapel service which will reflect on the terrible events of  9/11 and their unforeseen consequences. Twelve years of active war have taken an emotional toll on our US Military members; many silently suffer though the devastating effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Tonight we will screen a powerful film, Taking the Hill, which documents the experiences of one veteran’s search for meaning amidst the pain. Calvary Chapel’s Pastor Raul Ries, the Vietnam veteran whose journey we follow, joins us in person to share his life-changing testimony.  Pastor Raul’s story mirrors that of countless others, that of a lost soul in search of community and healing.

September 11th changed our country, our families, our very lives.  Tonight Vanguard gathers to remember that God is not distant or disconnected. His Spirit is in us: guiding, comforting, and equipping us for the next chapter of our story.  He will always move us beyond the expected and open our eyes to His surprising influence in our world…right here, right now. Scripture tells us that there “is a time for everything” (ECC: 3) let tonight be our time to mend.

For more information about the Veterans Club CLICK HERE or follow on FACEBOOK.

– Dasha Gariepy –