Student Services for Veterans

No matter your major or area of study, at Vanguard you’ll get the understanding you need in an environment designed to help you excel.
From COMBAT to CAREER…the GI Bill can help you get there.  There are just a few simple steps to find out if you are eligible to receive Education benefits.

There are several GI Bill chapters you may qualify for.  Take a few minutes to read over the eligibility requirements of each chapter and compare.

Once you have determined the chapter you qualify for, it’s time to apply.  Read our Getting Started guide and APPLY ONLINE.  If you don’t have the capability to apply online, you can call 1-888-GI BILL-1 (1-888-442-4551) to have a form mailed to you.

After you have submitted your application, the VA will either approve or deny your application.  If approved, you will receive a “Certificate of Eligibility.”  Bring this form to Vanguard University’s Certifying Official, located in the Financial Aid office (1st floor of the Scott Academic Center) or email to confirm your approval.

Have questions about Benefits??

Read our FAQ’s or Contact the VA Certifying Official, Jose Portillo via email at OR via phone at 714.619.6688.