Mission Statement

The Veterans Center at Vanguard University exists to engage student veterans in the pursuit of academic and personal success.

Beyond the Classroom. We believe learning happens in the context of relationship.  Through close relationships, you’ll go beyond the classroom, getting not only knowledge you need but also the wisdom to apply what you’re learning. 

Beyond Community. Built into the fabric of our interactions is a culture that causes us to go beyond the normal definition of community, reaching out and connecting with each other.

Beyond Integration. Our understanding of the world informs and deepens our faith, bringing color and life in surprising ways.  As we go beyond integration, we discover a reality where faith comes to life in every moment.

Beyond Academics. Our commitment leads to academic transformation, where you’ll cultivate new abilities to think critically, communicate clearly, and interact intelligently – taking you places you never thought possible.

All of these areas work together, producing alumni that are beyond ready to live a story that matters.

The Veterans Resource Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Scott Academic Center.
Connect with someone today: or 714.966.5447