Earning a degree in four years is becoming a thing of the past. National trends show fewer and fewer students earning degrees in four years. Nationally, the average time to earn a degree exceeds five years, with only 37 percent of students earning a degree in four years. This trend makes a college education significantly more expensive both in direct costs like tuition, room and board and fees and in indirect costs associated with delaying entry into the job market. See statistics here.

Vanguard University realizes the importance in helping students earn their degree in four years. The University is committed to ensuring our students can do just that.

This guarantee is a reflection of our desire to see Vanguard students beat the national averages and avoid the additional costs associated with prolonging their education. We seek to equip our students for a life of service and leadership as they pursue knowledge, cultivate their character and deepen their faith.

Qualifications and Conditions

  1. Beginning fall 2010, all entering freshmen (admitted non-provisionally) are eligible for the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee Program.
  2. Students must sign up for the Vanguard Four-Year Guarantee during first semester of attendance.
  3. Students must select a major by the end of student’s second semester and prior to enrolling in third semester.* This major must be kept until graduation.
  4. The student must complete a minimum of 31 units each year (average of 15.5 units a semester) with a passing grade in each course (2.0 or higher).**
  5. The student must meet with his/her academic advisor each semester and follow recommendations from the advisor in order to stay on track with graduation requirements.
  6. The student must register during academic registration each semester in order to ensure that needed courses will be available. If the student cannot register during this period they must notify their academic advisor.
  7. The student must have continuous enrollment at Vanguard for four years (eight semesters). The student must also be willing to take classes they need for their program, even if the class is not at a preferable time.
  8. The Four-Year Guarantee only covers the basic four year bachelor’s degree program of 124 units. It does not cover students enrolling in double majors or those wishing to pursue more than the minimum graduation requirements. Pursuing either of these two options may delay graduation and is therefore not covered in the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee.
  9. The Four Year Guarantee is a commitment from Vanguard that students who follow the above requirements will earn their bachelor’s degree in four years. If all requirements are met and the student is unable to complete his/her major in four years, Vanguard will assume the costs (tuition and fees) of the courses needed to complete the student’s undergraduate degree during the next two consecutive semesters.

The guarantee does not cover fifth year programs (teacher credential program) or any graduate programs. Only freshmen that are admitted non-provisionally and are enrolling in the traditional undergraduate college are eligible to participate in the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee program. The guarantee does not apply to any students receiving tuition remission benefits, or any students enrolling in the degree completion or certificate programs. The guarantee may be extended if students are required to leave the University for medical or military leave and must fill out the appropriate paperwork in the registrar’s office.

Students can sign up for the Four Year Guarantee in the Office of the Dean of the College.

*The Chemistry major and Music major must be selected in the student’s first semester. Music majors (but not Worship Arts majors) must test into Music Theory (MUSC 131) and Aural Theory I (MUSC 132) in order to be eligible for the Four Year Guarantee Program. For more information contact the Music Department.

**Music majors eligible for the Four Year Graduation Guarantee Program must complete 18 units each semester.

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