“The Beat Goes On” Inside Scoop

You’ve bought tickets to our shows and sat in our audience, but WHO are our Vanguard University Theater students? Let us introduce you –

Tyler Thoreson
Theater Performance/Directing major
Department of Theater Marketing Intern
Hometown: Saint Charles, Minnesota

You’ve seen him on the Lyceum Theater stage for – Metamorphoses,
Home for the Holidays, Ah Wilderness!, Kiss me, Kate!, and The Beat Goes On   “The Beat Goes On”.

A ‘whirlwind’ to describe the show in one word. So many thoughts come to mind when I’m asked how I enjoyed being apart of this show. Truthfully, it was one of the most difficult parts I’ve ever had. Likewise, it was one of the most rewarding. Not only because of the amount of lines (which in this case the question, “How did you memorize all those lines?” is actually appropriate), but because the role was unlike anything I had experienced before. With each decade came new content, new situations, and thus new characters. What was perhaps the most difficult about the role as narrator however was bringing to life the information of decades I haven’t lived through without it being just that – information. I had to personalize it and make it true to myself before I could relate it to the audience. Fortunately I had plenty of time, resources, and a great support system. Throughout rehearsal I struggled a lot with bringing characters to life that didn’t imitate those of the narrator in the original production. I had this great resource for ideas and inspiration, but I still had to find my own way of interpreting the role. Many, many long hours went into this process as I delved into what each decade and character demanded. With the assistance of fellow actors and guidance of our director/writer, Vanda Eggington, I was able to successfully navigate through each decade. After the long, but very necessary, rehearsals I was ready for the show to open. We had rehearsed and rehearsed for countless hours. We were ready for an audience long before we actually had one. By the time it did open I had it in my mind that this was just another show that would come and go like all the rest. You know how the old saying goes – “Another openin’ another show” (Shoutout to “Kiss Me, Kate!” last season). Not so. “Beat” became something truly special to me and earned itself a special place in my memory. To be able to be apart of a show so truly unique and amazing is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Come closing night I was struck with feelings of sadness and regret for having let the show rush by too quickly. Now, only a little more than a week past closing, I’ve realized that the reason it rushed by so fast was because I enjoying it so much. The show was a whirlwind. A rollercoaster of emotions that brought me up, down, and jerked me all around. I learned so much from this experience as narrator of “The Beat Goes On” and I have certainly cataloged it into the ‘valuable and precious’ section of my memory. If anything I’m looking forward to future opportunities here in the Vanguard Theatre Department.

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