Student Attitudes and Professionalism

Kayla Jackson

You’ve bought tickets to our shows and sat in our audience, but WHO are our Vanguard University Theater students? Let us introduce you –

Kayla Jackson
Theater Performance/Directing major
Department of Theater Student Representative
Hometown: Medford, OR

You’ve seen her on the Lyceum Theater stage for – The Gift of the Magi/The Little Match Girl, Legally Blonde, The Musical, and Ah, Wilderness.

When I came to Vanguard for my first semester, I had not even seen a show here. A lot of my classmates had seen a few shows before coming, but I was all the way up in Oregon and unable to make it down. Oddly enough, I never worried about whether or not this school would have a good program as God put this school on my heart 5 years prior. What I expected was a group of tough, talented actors and actresses that would tower over me until I reached their level.

This was not the case.

When I finally came here, I honestly did not expect to come into a program that was filled with so many down-to-Earth people. In my first week of school, I attended a workshop by the juniors and senior students (without the help of the professors) to help with audition prep. I’ll always believe that I got into my first show at Vanguard because of how much time and effort these students poured into me.

I had also heard horror stories (at other colleges, not at Vanguard) of college students being incredibly feisty and rude at auditions. I’d heard of people hiding each other’s dance shoes,staring people down and even calling them names to their face. I didn’t think it could be so bad at my little college, but I was expecting SOME tension. How much was there?

How much has there been since I’ve been attending here (3 years now)?

I don’t know how I ended up in such a peaceful place like Vanguard, but I can proudly say that audition day here is a day of encouragement and uplifting words. Is there more than one person who wants a lead? Yes. Do they still cheer for each other? They do.I will never understand how I have ended up so blessed and in a supportive community like Vanguard, but I don’t need to understand the blessing to be thankful and enjoy it.


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