What it Means to be on Popular Demand

What’s it really like to be on Vanguard’s Popular Demand?

We Asked several of the members and here is what they said.


1. How would you define Popular Demand?

“I would define Popular Demand as an improv/sketch comedy group where a bunch of friends basically get to play around and make up really fun ideas for shows for our fellow students.” – Winter Bassett, Popular Demand performer, senior.

2. What do you love most about the team?

“I love the process of preparing sketches. It is fun to see how one person can bring in one idea and then through everyone else’s feedback, and feeding off of each other, it can morph into something complete. I also enjoy getting to perform with my friends!” – Johanna Jacobsen, Popular Demand performer, junior.

3. How’s your outreach been?

“Great! I have been a part of this team since it started my Freshman year here and it has been so cool to see it grow on campus. I love seeing new faces in the audience of people who have not come before!” – Kate Frampton, Popular Demand member and Team Leader, junior.

4. Any future plans for the group?

We hope to continue to grow and transition into more sketches rather than improv” – Kate Frampton

5. Are there any upcoming shows?

“We have some really fun things planned this semester! Nothing has been set in stone yet.” – Austin Nunn, Popular Demand performer, senior.


Popular Demand is Vanguard’s Theatre Department’s on campus sketch improv team. Four of the members are theatre majors and the other four members are from a diverse amount of departments across campus. Their work typically consists of a mix between improv games and sketches though according to team leader Kate Frampton they are aiming to make the shift to more consistent sketch work rather than improv games. There are plenty of shows to come up this semester, but the seats fill up FAST, so make sure to grab your friends and head out for some laughs ASAP.

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