This four year plan is a sample and only for planning purposes; this is not an official document. It is recommended you meet with an Academic Advisor each semester.

2010: Fall Semester (14 units)

2011: Spring Semester (15 units)

Scenic Painting (THEA 240)
Introduction to Theatre (THEA 200C)
Cornerstone (CORE 100C)
Foundations of Christian Life (THEO 101C)
or Introduction to Theology (THEO 103C)
Intro to Sociology (SOCI 100C)
or Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 102C)
or General Psychology (PSYC 103C)
Theatrical Production I (THEA 108A)
Beginning Costume Construction (THEA 110)
or Beginning Set Construction (THEA 106)
Drawing & Rendering (THEA 256/ART 275)
Persuasive Writing (ENGL 120C)
New Testament (NT 101C)
Lifetime Fitness & Wellness (KINE 145 & 146)
Sound Design (THEA 323)
Theatrical Production I (THEA 108B)

2011: Fall Semester (16 units)

2012: Spring Semester (16 units)

Scenic Design (THEA 315)
Theatre History I (THEA 202C)
Makeup Design (THEA 239)1
Stage Management (THEA 350)
Research Writing (ENGL 220C)
Theatrical Production II (THEA 208A)
U.S. Government (POLS 155C)
or U.S. History (HIST 156C)
Costume Design (THEA 309)
Theatre History II (THEA 204C)
Period Styles for Theatre Design (THEA 340)2 must be
taken this semester
Dramatic Lit: Script Analysis (THEA 360)3
Theatrical Production II (THEA 208B)

2012: Fall Semester (16 units)

2013: Spring Semester (16 units)

Lighting Design (THEA 320)2 must be taken this
Literary Perspectives (ENGL 300C)
Speech & Composition (COMM 201C)
Intro to Acting for Non-majors (THEA 102C)
Developing a Christian Worldview (THEO300C)
Theatrical Production III (THEA 308A)
or Junior Project (THEA 386)
Elective(3 units)
Old Testament Survey (OT 201C)
Theory & Criticism (THEA 324)
Playwriting (THEA 442)3
Digital Design for Theatre (THEA 428)2 must be taken
this semester Theatrical Production III (THEA 308B)
or Junior Project (THEA 386)

2013: Fall Semester (15 units)

2014: Spring Semester (16 units)

Theatre Internship (THEA 450C)4
Intro to Sociology (SOCI 100C)
or Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 102C)
or General Psychology (PSYC 103C)
Christian Heritage (CHIS 400C)5
Data Analysis (MATH 145C)
or Intro to Statistics (SOCI 265C)
Elective (3 units)
Theatrical Production IV (THEA 408A)
Senior Project: Capstone (THEA 495C)
Lab Science (4 units)
World Civilizations II (HIST 204C)5
Elective (3 units)
Producing/Theatre Management (THEA 252)6
Theatrical Production IV (THEA 408B)


  • 1 additional unit of Intermediate Set Construction or Costume Construction is required and can be taken any semester.
  • All theatre majors are expected to participate on a minimum of 1 crew each semester whether or not a Theatre scholarship has been awarded.
  • Makeup Design is used as an elective in this plan. You may choose another course to fulfill the elective units.
  • IMPORTANT: Lighting Design, Period Styles, and Digital Design must be taken as scheduled above due to the course rotation.
  • Script Analysis OR Playwriting is required. They are offered alternate springs. If you take both, one serves as an elective.
  • Theatre Internship should be served during the summer, pending approval.
  • If you prefer ancient history, take World Civ I in Fall 2013 and Christian Heritage in Spring 2014.
  • Producing/Theatre Management is only offered Spring 2011 or Spring 2014 under this plan.