Graduates of the Theatre Arts Program have the option of seeking immediate employment or continuing their studies in graduate school. Opportunities can include careers in professional theatre, film, television, church/missionary drama ministry, theatre education (primary, secondary and collegiate levels), as well as various careers in public relations, sales, marketing, and other business opportunities who rely on graduates with honed interpersonal and/or technical skills. We currently have alumni working for professional theatre companies, Disney, Inc., various film companies, and many other entertainment related business.

Graduates also have the opportunity to apply and/or audition for M.A., M.F.A. and Ph.D. programs across the nation. An M.F.A. is a professional, terminal degree that is equivalent to the Ph.D. in the fields of acting, directing, musical theatre, design, and management. This is usually a 3-year degree whereby one concentrates exclusively on the designated specialty. One can teach in high schools and colleges/universities as well as work professionally with the M.F.A. An M.A. is typically an academic degree (theatre history, theory and criticism) whereby one may choose to step into a Ph.D. program after obtaining this. We have an unusually high ratio of alumni who have been accepted to prestigious M.F.A. programs and conservatories across the nation. Some of these include: Rutgers; UCLA; UCI; American Conservatory Theater; University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne; CSU San Diego; the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow; the British American Drama Academy; and Regent University.


  1. If you want to teach middle school or high school theatre, you should double major in Theatre and another single subject for you credential. You cannot single subject in theatre alone for secondary education. If you only minor in theatre, it is not enough to equip you as a high school drama teacher. You will need to double major.
  2. If you want to teach college level, you need a M.F.A. or a Ph.D. An M.F.A. is a professional acting, directing, theatre management, or design degree. You have to interview and/or audition for this extremely competitive program. If you have talent and are serious about acting, directing, scriptwriting, theatre management or design, there is a place for you. The early stages of an M.A. and Ph.D. degree are easier to get into. There is no auditioning or interviewing for an M.A. program). It takes discipline and high academics to achieve a Ph.D. in this field. If you are bright and love to learn, then this route is a good choice for you. If you are not strong in performance or directing but want to learn Theatre academically, (theatre history, theory, scriptwriting, analysis, theory/criticism, etc.) this may also be a good option for you.

Professional Theatre

The M.F.A. gives you professional training and equips you to work professionally in any of the above fields. Remember that just having a 4-year degree means a lot in getting a good job, no matter what the major is. Business people (sales) love theatre majors because it usually means that they are outgoing and people persons. Unless you are very focused and committed to your specific major, very few people end up doing exactly what they majored in. It is important to have a 4-year degree no matter what the major is. This tells people that you took 4 years of liberal arts courses and got your degree. Do not think that being a Theatre Major will narrow other career possibilities.

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