American Coast Theater Company is a professional, non-profit theatre company in Orange County in partnership with Vanguard University.

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As members of American Coast Theater Company in collaboration with Vanguard University, we are committed to producing professional theatre with artistic excellence and high production value.

We are also committed to producing works that may inspire hope or self-reflection through the eyes of the characters that struggle with their own humanity. We believe in stories that offer the possibility of enlightenment which can be life changing. Our goal is to produce works from the American and international dramatic canon. We will also nurture the development of new American playwrights.

We are deeply rooted in the artistic traditions of theater, and believe in the examination of the human condition as well as the potential for personal and social redemption revealed through thought provoking story telling.


  1. We will create an environment that fosters innovative ideas and fresh approaches to both new and existing works.
  2. Because of our association with Vanguard University and our own personal, evangelical convictions, we will remain sensitive to the needs of our community regarding entertainment for families and faith based groups.
  3. We will promote artistic integrity in our desire to reveal truth, yet we will stay true to the mission of Vanguard University.
  4. We will collaborate with professional guest artists in all the disciplines of theatre.  We will enrich the community with a commitment to educational outreach in collaboration with Vanguard University.
  5. As a company of authentic Christians, we will strive to serve Vanguard and our community with excellence and spiritual vitality that fosters a passion for truth, virtue and service.

Searchlight Productions is the “new works” branch of ACTC where original plays and/or musicals will be tested by workshop and stage readings.

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Internship Information

The ACTC internship program offers an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students to gain professional experience by working side-by-side with administrators, equity artists, and professional designers.

Interns undertake a variety of projects, which provide a challenging educational experience for them, while meeting the needs of the company. Intern assignments are awarded based upon the qualifications and interest of the applicant, as well as the specific needs of each production. ACTC directors and managers provide focused professional supervision and experience to each intern assigned to their areas. Duties for the intern include production support and work in the workshops with youth theare students.

Typically, internships are available in the follwing areas:
Stage Management, Front of House Operations (Box Office & Marketing), Scenery, Costuming, Audio, and Lighting.

ACTC offers internships during the summer months, typically from mid May to mid August. Students applying for the program are required to be registered for credit with Vanguard University. Some internship positions have dorm room housing available.
Continuing Vanguard University students should contact Internship Professor, David Pecoraro dpecoraro@vanguard.edu by April 1 for each summer season to schedule an interview.

Please mail the following to Internship Professor, David Pecoraro dpecoraro@vanguard.edu by April 1 for each summer season.
Applicants should submit:  Internship application form <pdf> , cover letter, technical skills sheet (if design, tech. or stage management, <pdf>, and a current resume.

Course Description

THEA 450 – Theatre Internship (1-3 units)
Prerequisite: This must be arranged the previous semester and must be approved by the student’s advisor. The student is to serve a 100-hour internship with one of our approved professional theaters. Freshmen may not take this course.