“Vanguard University has weighed in with a highly energetic as well as a particularly visceral version. “Godspell,” as most theatergoers have long been aware, is an updated version of the New Testament, in which the life and teachings of Jesus are retold in more modern terms. Director Vanda Eggington has further updated the show from its original ’70s format to the 21st century and added a number of contemporary lines.Yes, “Godspell” has been around the block a few times locally, but Vanguard’s up-to-date production displays how this rock-gospel musical can be evergreen, requiring only the sheer creativity of each director and cast to reflect relevance for a new generation.”

-Daily Pilot, September 24, 2008

Thoroughly Modern Millie

“Director Vanda Eggington and her choreographers, Cambria Holford and Stephany Parker, have fashioned a bright, breezy show with high stepping and low comedy. Ensemble numbers such as “The Nutty Cracker Suite” and “Forget About the Boy” reflect the energetic attention to detail that governs the entire production. “Thoroughly Modern Millie” is a show that’s not been seen too much locally, at Vanguard University, performers like Peltz, Prado and Johnston demonstrate the heights attainable to the most lightweight fare.”

-Daily Pilot, April 2, 2008

The Crucible

Vanguard University and esteemed director Susan K. Berkompas have taken this explosive drama and rendered a passionate revival. Ensemble excellence prevails, topped by individual triumphs. The real tragedy of Vanguard’s “The Crucible” is that this estimable production is on stage for only one more weekend in the Lyceum Theater. Such an artistic achievement deserves a much longer engagement.

-Daily Pilot, February 27, 2008

It’s a Wonderful Life

“Vanguard regularly astonishes with its talent for squeezing large-cast shows onto the limited dimensions of the Lyceum Theater stage, and this one is no exception…heartwarming and infectious.”

-Daily Pilot , Feb 5, 2008