“If you’ve never witnessed Shakespeare’s “Othello,” the Vanguard production is the one by which to measure future local incarnations. It is college theater at its most majestic.

Of all the tragedies in the Shakespearean canon, none is more visceral, more gut-wrenching than “Othello.” This is particularly true when a collegiate producing group pours all of its resources into the production. This all leads to the sort of magnificent interpretation now on stage at Costa Mesa’s Vanguard University— here updated to modern dress with riveting effect by director Susan Berkompas.”

-Daily Pilot, December 7, 2006

“Vanguard University’s brilliant staging of “Othello” proved to be the top production among local college drama departments. Directed by Susan Berkompas, it offered a searing, modern-dress rendition of the age-old story of the tragic effects of jealousy.”

-Daily Pilot, December 29, 2006