Thriving through Orientation

Orientation and Thriving

At Vanguard we want you to do more than survive college and get a degree. We want you to THRIVE! This is the main reason we require orientation for all new students (freshmen and transfers).

We have structured our time in orientation to ask big questions that will frame your time at Vanguard and set you up to succeed. We have split our educational portions of the weekend into three sessions: Academic Talks, Student Life Talks, and VU Talks. Each of these sessions will be broken into small talks based on the very successful TED model.

Topics we will cover:

Your Invitation to Your Education

Investing in Your Best Asset (YOU)

The Cost of Dropping Out

What is Identity?

What is Community?

What is Integrity?

Spirituality in College

Living a Life of Service

Lions for Life

We will also cover everything from our community standards to the resources on campus. On Sunday we will bring the Vanguard and community resources to you with a Welcome to the Neighborhood Expo and Block Party. The block party is your first opportunity to connect with returning students in a casual way prior to school starting. In between we will split up into small groups to have a deeper connection and explore the transition of entering Vanguard.

According to Laurie Schreiner’s work on thriving in college students, a top predictor of thriving is a student’s Psychological Sense of Community (PSC). This is why we assign you to a consistent group and have intentional group times where we share our personal stories, have silly ice breakers to help you connect, and spend a lot of time in social situations during orientation. For freshmen, this group will later become your Cornerstone class peers.

Overall, we ask that you come expecting great things and connect with what we are sharing. Invest in this time to get the most out of it! See you on the 19th!

See the full schedule here.

Orientation Absence Request

Sometimes things come up. Your sister is getting married or your grandparents bought you a trip to Scotland for graduation and it happens to be during orientation. We understand that these things occur. Of course, our preference is that you do everything in your power to clear your schedule but for things that are out of your control there is the Orientation Absence Request form.