Taco Tuesday: Leaving the VU Community

Thank you all who came to Taco Tuesday: Leaving Community. For those who may have missed, we wanted to share the wisdom given by our recent alums, including Kayla Holtz (2011), Allison Tash (2013), Denny Reed (2011), Tim Burnette (2006), Mikaela Holford (2008), and Elisha Avne (2012) about their experience leaving Vanguard community. This included how to maintain and make new relationships, how to keep your faith outside of the convenience of chapel, and the realities of what immediate post-grad life is like. We have a video attached below with clips from the night, but we wanted to elaborate on a few thoughts we connected with.

1. Drop all expectations. Tim, who was really involved at Vanguard and now works in college ministry, said you “need to die to your expectations.” These expectations can be the job you think you’re immediately going into, relationships you feel will always be connected, and the change of what life will be like if you go back home.

2. Be intentional. To help release these expectations, we need to be intentional. This means being intentional with our friendships, getting to know our co-workers, and intentionality in your walk with Christ. You may go home to friends who do not believe in God, and as Denny shared, love them and keep strong in your faith, regardless of the influences they may have on you.

3. Take chances and don’t be afraid to fail. Remember that your time after Vanguard is a journey to not be scared of but to embrace and give your whole self to this new experience of life. Also, it is okay to not have a solid plan or job lined up after you graduate because things are going to change and don’t carry the fear of not knowing because doors will open up. Ultimately, do what you want to do and take a risk at what you think God has put on your heart to try. There is no such thing as a failure when you risk and trust in God in it all.

For those who weren’t able to make it to the event, we put together a video of some clips of the alumni speaking about the different areas of transitioning out of Vanguard.