Tim Young
Vice President for Student Life
Extension: 5488
Diane Griffo
Senior Administrative Assistant
Extension: 5487
Amanda Lebrecht
Associate Director of Student Success & Retention
Extension: 6486
Shelley Youd
Coordinator of Orientation & Transitions
Extension: 6487
Tom Shirey
Tutorial & Math Center Coordinator
Extension: 6479
Ryan Moyher
Director of Leadership Development & Student Engagement
Extension: 5253
Jordan Baker
Student Engagement Administrative Assistant
Extension: 5255
Rachael Lund
Assistant Director for Commuter Life
Extension: 5252
Megan Mickelsen
Coordinator of Student Programming
Extension: 5254
Jon Krapivkin
Coordinator of Intramurals & Recreation
Extension: 5268
Doug Hutchinson
Director of the Counseling Center
Extension: 6481
Michele Robison
Associate Director of the Counseling Center
Extension: 6480
Elizabeth Banks
Counseling Center Administrative Assistant
Extension: 6482
Cyndi Pinto
H.S.I. Coordinator
Extension: 5264
Arianna Yates
Diversity Administrative Assistant
Extension: 5258
Kerry Kimble
Assistant Director for Disability Services
Extension: 6483
Janelle Carroll
Disability Services Specialist
Extension: 6484
Lexy Benoit Gioielli
Interim Director of Residence Life
Extension: 5271
Nicole Givenrod
Housing Coordinator
Extension: 5275
Christine Stephens
Residence Life Administrative Assistant
Extension: 5273
Jeremy Pedron
RD of Balboa/Newport Halls
Extension: 5277
Dannae Rushing
RD of Catalina Hall
Extension: 5276
Chelsea DeLuca
RD of Laguna Hall
Extension: 5279
Amy Schultz
RC of Vanguard Centre
Extension: 5280
Terry Zeigler
Health Center Coordinator
Extension: 6464
Mary Darden
Nurse Practitioner
Extension: 6459