Student Leadership Positions

*Mandatory Dates are subject to change. Please be in communication with each department to receive final mandatory dates*

Commuter Life:

Commuter Assistant Commuter Assistant – Job Description

Intercultural Student Programs:

Department Lead ISP Department Lead – Job Description

Advocacy Lead ISP Advocacy Lead – Job Description

Retreat Lead  ISP Retreat Lead – Job Description

ABLE Club President ABLE Club President – Job Description

APIC Club President APIC Club President – Job Description

BSU Club President BSU Club President – Job Description

El Puente Club President El Puente Club President – Job Description

Orientation and Transitions:

BOD/Activate Board of Directors-Position Description

Residence Life:

Resident Assistant Resident Assistant – Job Description

Spiritual Formation:

Performing Arts Ministry Teams PAMT – Job Description

Marketing/Graphic Designer SFD Marketing/Graphic Designer – Job Description

Chaplains SFD Chaplain – Job Description

Spiritual Formation Apprentice  SFD Apprentice – Job Description

Media Intern SFD Media Intern – Job Description

Worship Leader Worship Leader – Job Description

Student Government (SGA):

Commuter Senator Commuter Senator – Position Description 

Facilities Senator Facilities Senator – Position Description

Class Senator Class Senator – Position Description

Multicultural Senator Multicultural Senator-Position Description

Director of Communications SGA Director of Communications – Position Description

Executive Vice President SGA Executive Vice President – Position Description

President SGA President – Position Description

Program Board and Marketing Team:

Program Board Lead Program Board Lead- Job Description

Program Board Program Board-Job Description

Lead Marketing Director Lead Marketing Director- Job Description

Marketing Director Marketing Director-Job Description

VU Rec (Recreation and Intramurals):

VU Rec Student Coordinator VU Rec Student Coordinator – Job Description 

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