Vanguard has a Student Care Team which exists as a resource to our community to help identify and assist in responding to individual students in crisis and potential critical issues that may impact overall student and/or community well-being.

Campus Resources

Campus Safety
Emergency: 714.860.8346
Provides emergency assistance for distressed students 24/7


Vanguard University Counseling Center
The counseling center is free for any Vanguard student to receive care.  Call to set up an appointment.

Disability Services
We can help with: a documented physical disability, emotional distress that is preventing you from attending class or doing assignments, a chronic illness, an injury that makes daily activities difficult.

Health Center
We can assess any illness immediately, refer you to the right physician in the area, and give you muscular/skeleton treatment. Open M-Th 10-5, F 10-noon

Learning Center
714.619.6478 Ext. 6478
Struggling with classwork, tests, or a learning disability? We can help you ‘learn how to learn’ with tutoring, study skills, academic counseling and advising.

University Pastor & Dean of Spiritual Formation
If you have a spiritual question or need please do not hesitate to call.

Coordinator of Student Care
The Coordinator of student care provides support and consultation for faculty & staff during regular business hours.