What is required of a traditional undergraduate student?

All full-time, traditional, undergraduate students (12+ units) are required to obtain (30) Spiritual Formation credits per semester. This includes both commuter and resident students. Spiritual Formation credits can be earned by either: (1) attending Chapel Gatherings, or (2) participating in alternative chapel credit options.

In order to successfully accumulate 30 Spiritual Formation credits, a student must attend on average two opportunities per week. There are 100+ chapel opportunities offered each semester, 3 evening and 3 morning chapel gatherings scheduled each week, and special chapel events offered throughout the semester. Students also have the opportunity to participate in (or create) Soul Care Options that may be available weekly.

How do I have an announcement made in chapel?

To have an announcement made in chapel, a “Chapel Announcement Video” request form should be completed and emailed to worshipleader@vanguard.edu.   Click here for Request Form.

How do I volunteer to serve in chapel, sing on a worship team, or with the Spiritual Formation department?

There are many opportunities to serve the Vanguard community through our department. If interested, you can email worshipleader@vanguard.edu or drop by our office on the 1st floor of Laguna Hall.

I have a great idea for a chapel service, or for chapel in general. Are you interested in hearing it?

YES. We are always welcoming creative suggestions for chapel services and for Spiritual Formation. Email worshipleader@vanguard.edu.

I am a painter, musician, thespian, dancer, poet, sculptor, videographer, graphic designer, set designer, lighting artist… Can I help?

YES! We are always looking for students who will give their gifts to our department and are more than willing to creatively implement you in our services. Email worshipleader@vanguard.edu or drop by our office.