Executive Board:
Vice President of Programming  vpsp@vanguard.edu
Program Directors:
Senior Program Director Meghan Whitaker  srpd@vanguard.edu
Junior Program Director Candace Henriquez  jrpd@vanguard.edu
Sophomore Program Director Bethany Morton  sophpd@vanguard.edu
Freshmen Program Director Katie Sharp  freshpd@vanguard.edu
Commuter Program Director Morgan Burt  commuterpd@vanguard.edu
All School Program Director Alicia Carter  allschoolpd1@vanguard.edu
All School Program Director Allison Miller  allschoolpd2@vanguard.edu
Vice President of Communication & Marketing Renn Lazzerin vpcm@vanguard.edu
Marketing Director Riley Insko sgamarketingdir1@vanguard.edu
Marketing Director Christian Huerta sgamarketingdir2@vanguard.edu
Marketing Director Julia Pohl sgamarketingdir3@vanguard.edu

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