Get to Know SGA

Message from the SGA President

van·guard [van-gärd] n.
—the leader at the forefront in any movement, field or activity.

The Student Government Association (SGA) exists to provide a more spiritually, intellectually, and socially enriching environment, as well as provide a medium for an organized student voice.

For 90 years, Vanguard University has lived up to its name. The forefront is where our college has been since its beginning in 1920. Vanguard was the first school in its denomination to receive regional accreditation, it was the first four-year college in Orange County, CA, and it was the first school in the Assemblies of God denomination to have a woman serve as president. Vanguard’s identity as a leading institution ought to be embraced by the student body, and its rich heritage makes me both humbled and excited to serve as your student body president.

In keeping with the tradition of Vanguard’s name, the Student Government Association (SGA) wishes to lead and represent you. This year, representation will be at the forefront of everything we do. We will strive to actively and accurately pursue the needs of the students. I realize that, as a government, it is our job to be the initiators of this representation, and I hope you will recognize our progress. We have made strides to alter the way we conduct ourselves in order to better serve you. SGA is eager to work on your behalf, and we hope to provide a more spiritually, intellectually, and socially enriching environment.

As president, I would like to remind each student of the power you hold. The students of Vanguard have determined the shape of its course and identity. Shine, Frontline, the Cove and many other traditions have all been started by student initiatives. What will the student body of 2011–2012 leave as a lasting legacy for Vanguard?

I would like to remind, or perhaps tell you, of a prophetic word that was given to Huldah Needham, wife of Vanguard’s founder, Harold Needham. Upon the inception of the school, she heard the Lord saying, “This vine is of My own planting.” Our heritage began with those words, and likewise our future is directed toward the fulfillment of those words. A vine produces fruit; therefore, may the 2011–2012 school year not only produce marvelous fruit from the vine, but may we also grow our own branch, igniting a legacy for Vanguard. Be empowered, be creative, be bold, and be God’s, for His glory.

In truth, virtue, and service,

David Vazquez
Student Government Association