Traditional Vanguard Events

Vanguard has many great traditions that have been around for years. These events are great ways to build community, have fun, and show off your talent in friendly competitions!

  • All School Party: The All School Party has been at Vanguard for many years, and serves as an opportunity to welcome students back to campus and kick off the school year together. The event begins with Rez Rally put on by Huntington and Laguna and ends with a huge All School Party to end of the night!                                                                         pic1
  • Harvest Party: The Harvest Party is an event that has a long history at Vanguard! Students dress up and enjoy a night of food, fun and a haunted house!pic2
  • MOCK ROCK: Mock Rock is a lip-sync battle between the classes! There’s tons of dancing, it’s loud and its FUN!! There is only one winner! Which class will it be this year?!


  • Mr. VU: Every year 8 men compete to win the crown for Mr. VU. Each guy shows off his dance moves, talent and skills to prove he should be the next reigning Mr. Vu.  The eight areas the men represent include: Mr. Laguna, Mr. Catalina, Mr. Balport, Mr. Commuter, Mr. Athletics, Mr. Fine Arts, Mr. Leadership, and Mr. People’s Choice.    pic4
  • HVZ: Vanguard students sign up for a campus wide game of Humans vz. Zombies. The game is a survival of the fittest: the humans are trying to survive the entire week as a human, and the zombies must “feed” on one human every day or they will starve (and be kicked out of the game). The humans can use socks or nerf guns to stun the zombies and get away from them. The humans who go without getting stunned the whole week win the game!                                                                                                                                hvz
  • JSB: Junior Senior Banquet is a formal dinner held off campus. Juniors and Seniors enjoy a night of dressing up, good food and dancing. Recent JSB’s have been held at the Aquarium of the Pacific and on a boat!