Housing Charges

  • Laguna and Huntington Halls: $2,230 per semester
  • Balboa, Newport, and Catalina Halls: $2,435 per semester
  • Vanguard Centre: $2,540 per semester

Cleaning Deposit

  • When enrolled in housing, all residents are charged a refundable $150 cleaning deposit to cover the cost of any room damage that occurs during residency.

Meal Plan Charges

  • 10 meals per week + $200 Dining Dollars: $1,860 per semester
  • 12 meals per week + $175 Dining Dollars: $2,025
  • 15 meals per week + $150 Dining Dollars: $2,205 per semester
  • 19 meals per week + $100 Dining Dollars: $2,275 per semester
  • Commuter Meal Plan* – 50 meals: $355
  • Commuter Meal Plan – 25 meals: $185

*Commuter Meal Plans must be purchased in the Cashier’s Office in the Office of Accounting Operations

Health Insurance

All registered undergraduates enrolled in 7 or more units will automatically be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan. In order to waive out of this insurance, students must have comparable coverage through another insurance plan and must complete the online insurance waiver: http://studentcenter.UHCSR.com/vanguard. For additional information and deadlines, please visit our Health Insurance website at http://www.vanguard.edu/services/health-insurance/.