What is residence and community life all about?

VUSC is a Christian community from a diversity of backgrounds and environments. However, we are all committed to growing and maturing together in Christ. We hope that you will find the challenge of the cultural, social, and economic differences at VUSC a stimulating factor in your development during your university experience.

At VUSC, we believe that living on campus is an exciting and dynamic opportunity for growth that greatly enhances your educational experience. The on-campus housing is a place for you to make lifelong friends, to study, to learn about people from other backgrounds and to kick back and enjoy the laughter and joy of your floor residents. The VUSC Residence Life Staff works hard to provide a fun, safe, and meaningful environment.

Who will I live with?

When an applicant is approved for admission into VUSC, he/she will receive an acceptance packet from the Admissions Office. In this packet will be an “On Campus Housing Application” and a “Roommate Questionnaire” for the applicant to complete and return to the Admission Office. Some will request a friend as a roommate, and we will do everything possible to honor these requests. For those who leave the decision to us, we look at the completed “Roommate Questionnaire” to do our best in placing each student with a compatible roommate. Remember, part of the richness of joining the University community is the opportunity to meet new friends from diverse backgrounds.

When do I move in?

New students click here to view the Welcome Week homepage.
Returning students check the University calendar for upcoming move-in dates.

What should I bring?

We don’t expect you to bring everything on this list. You may want to wait until you find out what your roommate has before you bring any items on the optional list.

Essentials Optional (popular items) What NOT to bring
Linens (extra long twin)
Toiletry items
Alarm clock
Multiple-outlet surge protector
Cleaning supplies
Cell phone
Desk lamp
Laundry detergent
Laundry bag or basket
Portable refrigerator (<4.5 cubic feet)
MP3 player/stereo
Television & DVD player
Coffee maker
Beach chair
Sports equipment
Extra storage units (boxes, etc.)
Incencse or wax burners
Toaster/toaster oven
Open-flame appliances
Illegal drugs or alcohol
Firearms or weapons
Drums (in rooms)
Chairs, desks, or beds (rooms are furnished)
Large refrigerator (>4.5 cubic feet)
Halogen lamp

What furniture is in the room?

All residence hall rooms have extra-long twin beds and mattresses (which require extra-long twin linens). With the exception of Vanguard Centre, each residence hall room is also equipped with desks, desk chairs, and a dresser for residents to share. Each room has standard ceiling lamps. We suggest that residents also purchase their own desk lamp for adequate lighting. Because space is limited, we encourage residents to wait until they move in and have a chance to meet their roommates before shopping for large storage items and other amenities for the shared room. There are many stores in the local area in which residents can purchase these items.

How do I apply for housing?

Once a student is accepted into the University, the Admissions Office sends an Acceptance Packet. In this packet, there is an “On-Campus Housing Application.” Please fill this out completely and return it to the Admissions Office. Click here to go to the Housing Application page.

Can I decorate my assigned room?

Many residents call their residence area “home.” We want students to make their home attractive and comfortable; however, the room must be left in the same condition as when students first moved into it. Walls may not be painted or wallpapered. Avoid using nails or an equivalent. Non-stripping adhesive hangers can be used quite effectively for hanging most decorative items. All damages to the room are the student’s responsibility, and repair/cleaning costs will be subtracted from the student’s Cleaning Damage Deposit or charged to the student’s account.

Who is the Residence Life Staff?

Residence Directors (RDs) are full-time University staff members whose chief task is to facilitate community life in the residence facilities. They are available for counseling, and they seek to strengthen the personal development and relationships among resident students. Each RD is committed to making VUSC residence living a pleasant and meaningful experience. The RDs are supervised by the Director of Residence Life. You can find more information on the Resident Directors page.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are student leaders who live in the residence facilities and are present to assist the Residence Directors. They facilitate peer communications and promote a positive living/learning environment. You can find more information on the Resident Assistant page.

Where do I do laundry?

Each residence hall has its own laundry rooms with washers and dryers. The machines are serviced by WASH laundry systems. Click here for the WEB Laundry information sheet (this pdf document will open up in a new window).

Where can I find a schedule for the year?

Click here to see the Welcome Week Homepage.

Housing questions can be directed to the Housing Coordinator at 714-662-5275 or by e-mail at housinginfo@vanguard.edu.