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What is VU Rec?

VU Rec is a division of the Office of Student Engagement that seeks to provide the Vanguard community with competitive and non-competitive opportunities that promote physical activity, personal development, and ultimately a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

What are intramurals?

Opportunities for the VU community to participate in team sports and activities on a competitive level. All skill levels are welcome. The overall success of the program is dependent on the individual’s commitment to the activity by showing up for each scheduled contest and playing to one’s best ability in a sportsmanlike manner. Five sports with multiple leagues are offered every year.

How do I sign up/play an intramural sport?

VU Rec utilizes the services of IMLeagues to house all our intramural sports. Go to to create an account and start playing.

Need help creating an account? download this PDF for instructions. You will need to use your email address. IM Leagues Participant Signup Instructions

Can I use the soccer field?

Check the calendar above for specific dates and times you may access the soccer field.

Students can utilize the soccer field during open access hours. Students may organize pick up games or use the space for exercise.

We ask students be respective of the neighbors and keep their volume down.

No sports drinks of beverages on the turf. Water only

No food on the turf

No metal tipped spikes or cleats

No golf on the turf

Weight room hours

For specific hours check the calendar above.

Open weight room is a designated time when current Vanguard students, staff, and faculty can utilize the equipment in the weight room.

Participants must check in with the attendant before exercising.

Participants are required to re-rack their equipment and clean off any surfaces they use.

We encourage you to bring your own towel and water.

Open Recreations (formerly Open Gym)

Open Recreation gives students an opportunity to engage in pick up sports (basketball and volleyball) during an unstructured time. Teams are typically structured on a first come first serve pick up style game play.

For availability check out the calendar above. Volleyball is played on Sunday nights.


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