Going Home: First Thanksgiving

We know that Thanksgiving break is much needed and so exciting. Still, going home for your first holiday after being away can be challenging. We have put together a few helpful hints and tips to keep in mind that will make your trip home that much better.

-You will be going home as a new person: You’ve discovered a new way of being independent that your family and friends are not used to. Embrace the changes you’ve encountered and keep in mind that you may not be the only person to have gone through changes.

-Your parents have had to make adjustments to you leaving and now that you are home they want to be able to spend time with you and hear about your time away from home. Be mindful of your parents needs just as much as your own and work through factors such as curfew in a way that helps them understand who you have become.

-For those of you with siblings, be patient with them and understand that they’ve had to readjust to your absence as well.

-Remember that you aren’t the only one to have gone off to college. With that said be aware that your friends have also grown in different ways and may not act the way they did before you left. Understand the changes that have occurred in you and know that you and your friends can still have fun the way you used to.

-Be realistic about the changes that are happening in you and in those around you. It is natural and healthy for changes to occur so embrace them and make the most of the situations you are given. Communicate with your loved ones and continue to build upon those relationships as you spend time at home and prepare to return to school.

-Allow your mind to take a break. You need to remind yourself that it is okay to not have a million things running through your mind.

Adapted from http://collegelife.about.com/od/backonthehomefront/a/firstvisithome.htm